Separated by an ocean...
but they endured. 
They met in the spring of 2015 and quickly fell in love. The relationship was off to a wonderful start when out of nowhere, Marta was offered a promotion, her dream job!  

But there was a catch...
She would have to move to Switzerland!

Not willing to say good-bye they did everything they could to stay together, which meant a flight to Europe every month... for 18 months.
They had many unforgettable experiences as they travelled across Europe seeking out all the sights and found themselves in amazing creperies everywhere they went.
Marta eventually found her way back to Canada and they were all reunited once again!

But, letting go of Europe was not something they were prepared to do either.

Crepes & Coffee is their best attempt to bring their European date night experiences back to life and share with you.
The crepes design inspired in Switzerland, the coffee from Budapest, the interior design from Prague, the music from Amsterdam.

We hope that Crepes & Coffee inspires you to love a little deeper, eat a little sweeter and enjoy life everywhere you go.